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La Plazuela Hotel is a XVlll century colonial big house turned into a hotel boutique. It is located in Popayan’s historical downtown, for 30 years has worked to provide the best service to its guests.

La Plazuela

A place to return, always.

Its colonial architecture, its fine touches and the freshness of its gardens makes La Plazuela Hotel an ideal place to live an unforgettable experience. Located in front of San Jose church –declared as a national monument in 1996- from its balconies is possible to appreciate the streets traced by the Spanish colonist that were in the region.

La Plazuela

Magnificent Gastronomy

Here in La Plazuela Hotel, we know how to delight our guests’ taste. Our specialty, the fusion food, is a proposal of technics, flavors and majestic combinations with fresh, natural and healthy ingredients to compete with the highest cuisine manifestations in the world.

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