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Our certifications

La Plazuela Hotel has the National Registry of Tourism 4878 and is committed with giving a high quality accommodation and restaurant service, which is the reason to integrate a sustainable development, a key element that allows tourism to continue being the engine of the world’s economy and even more in our region that is very cultural natural and heritage richness,

In accordance to that, we have gathered in our business process:

  • A prepared, motivated and committed staff to give a satisfying service to customers.
  • Ecofriendly processes in all the hotels doings.
  • Contact with our focus groups, who have generated a sustainable conscience and willing to share the responsibilities were everyone’s needs are fulfilled in an equitable, fair and lasting way.
  • Promotion of our heritage conservation that portrays us, in a material and immaterial way.
  • The legal requirements’ observance related with our job, ruling out any illegal activity that could affect the hotel and our resources and promoting safety and health in the working area and preventing the children and teenagers sexual exploitation.
  • The continuous improvement in each one of our processes, looking to satisfy our local and outside customers, in their expectations and needs.

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Our certifications