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La Plazuela

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Hotel La Plazuela

La Plazuela Hotel with RNT 4878 is located in the historical centre in Popayan city, near Caldas Park which is the place of encounter of the people in the city since its foundation in 1537. The large house where it is settled was constructed around XVIIIth century by Don Francisco Hurtado del Aguila, an Spanish colonist from Chapa and Julumito who established there his domicile.

Due to several situations, the large house has experimented not heavy changes in its size and part of its architecture, although in its restorations a rigorous attachment to its original shape has been kept and still maintains the original colonial style of the city of Popayan.

Distinguished visitors lodged many times in this large house, due to the fact that it was always inhabited by well known personalities from Old Popayan, such as Doña Carlota Caldas, the sister of the distinguished botanist, astronomer and geographer don Francisco José de Caldas. At the end of XIXth century, the large house was the home of the parents of the Ecuadorian ex-president Carlos Arroyo del Rio.

En 1983, Popayan experienced a destructive earthquake which ruined part of the city. Due to this, in 1984, the large house was repaired and reconstructed. One year after, the building was re-opened to visitors with the name of “La Plazuela” Hotel.

Welcome to la Plazuela Hotel, Welcome to Popayan!

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