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XVI Popayan’s Gastronomic congress

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Cada año nuestra ciudad es sede del Congreso Gastronómico, uno de los eventos académicos de cocina más distinguidos del mundo. Para esta XVII versión del Congreso, Vietnam a ha confirmado su participación como País Invitado de Honor, el departamento del Santander como Región Invitada y Silvia como municipio caucano invitado.

LA PLAZUELA HOTEL proudly invites you to know Popayan and the surrounding towns, a multicultural region, multi-ethnic and exuberant in natural resources, where is possible to find artistic demonstrations, and pre-Hispanic, colonial and African gastronomy. A city where de social, economic and cultural dynamics are developed in a warm a harmonic environment.

This year, from September 5 to 8, the XVII th Popayan’s Gastronomic Congress will take place, the region’s event per excellence and one of the most recognized food events in America. Recognizing the fact that in Cauca’s capital the culture has become a powerful development economic factor, we have to highlight that in the year 2005 Popayan was declared as “the Gastronomy City” by UNESCO in mention of “a creative city for cultural diversity”, because its people have dedicated to identify their most authentic cultural expression and because it has recover, protect and reproduced its gastronomic manifestations to live on time and to be projected in the world.

We are thrilled to serve you. While you have fun in Popayan you can be a dinner guest in one of the most sophisticated universal food tables, because each year the most important chefs in Colombia and from all over the world arrive to the city, with cook workshops and gastronomic exhibitions, oil, wine and liquor tastes, floral arrangements, handcrafts, and the newest expressions in the gastronomic industry.

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